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Turn your idea into a working website

As a small business owner you want to convert your idea into a working website, app or webshop. But where do you start? The options seem endless. And let’s face it you probably don’t know which one is a good pick.

Before you know it you spent days considering an endless amount of questions. Do you need a simple website or a custom built application, should it be custom made, what tools should I use, what is within budget, is the website easy to maintain, etc..

I have been worked on many different types of websites and webapplications. Ranging from drag-and-drop Wix sites, to small webapplications, handmade WordPress themes and WordPress blocks. If you are someone who needs an online project built, let me know and I can give some advice, build or update your website. I am comfortable with most web-based technologies and CMS-es. But before you leave a message, visit the portfolio page to get an impression.