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An easy-to-use website with a historic look

The historical society had a somewhat ‘historic’ website. In other words, the website was very dated, only worked on a desktop, and they needed help updating it. Maintenance in particular was unnecessarily complicated for them.

The website they had was once made in a lesser known CMS; typo3. It was soon concluded that a wordpress website will offer a better solution, since wordpress is much more intuitive to use.

What is unique about this project are the bulletins. The association wanted to put old news bulletins online. But not all bulletins; that would take away incentives for people to remain members of the association. Therefore, the 25 most recent bulletins are not available for viewing. Each time a new bulletin is added, one of the older ones is automatically made available. Incidentally, some adjustments have also been made to make it easy to upload the bulletins to the website.

The old website was kept online by a third party. This involved a considerable account and the board wanted to have the website under its own management. Now the website (and email) is on their own server. They pay about 75% less for it.

In 2019, updated and modernised our website. With the contribution of, our website is clearer and has become more accessible. We are satisfied with the way has contributed ideas and updated our website.
- Historic Association Golderake