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What is this website

This is a small demo-website where you can order pizza’s, built using WIX. For this site I stuck to the minimum of placing online orders and a contact form.

Note: WIX has quite a lot of other functionalities built-in for many common use-cases; online shops, reservations, sharing events, etc.. They just didn’t feel relevant for this demo-site.

Should I be interested in a website like this?

When you own a small restaurant, that delivers meals to your customers, you may be interested in owning a website like this.

The transaction fees on online meal delivery platforms can be quite high. In the Netherlands there is a platform called ‘’. They charge a 13% fee on every delivery they get you. When you handle orders originating from your own website you pay about 2%. In that scenario that would be an 11% difference.

Of course this 11% isn’t all profit. You will also have some recurring fees for the website. The hosting will cost you about €300,- a year on the cheapest plan. That is if you build the site yourself.

Then there is a marketing aspect. You will have to get people to use your website for placing orders. This will take some effort, but loyal customers are probably willing to order on your site. Provided they know about the website and know they help keeping you in business by doing so.

You could also use the website as promotion for your restaurant, making reservations, announcing events, etc.. So these aspects are added benefits you should take into consideration.

How can you own ( something like ) this website?

Do take a look at the website using the link below. Like it? Read along.

DIY ( Do It Yourself )

You can build your own WIX website. There is a link to WIX on top of the demo website. For a beginner I recommend sticking to the WIX-ADI, unless you want to spend quite a bit more time on getting your website online.

Don’t DIY

Estimating the time it takes to create your own site can be a bit deceptive. There is a lot going on you don’t think of; SEO ( search engine optimization ), creating a favicon, getting familiar with the WIX UI, a design aspect, editing your photo’s, etc..

You may lack software ( e.g. PhotoShop ), time or just prefer not to build and maintain the site yourself. If this describes you, you will probably want to have someone else take care of your website.

For ~€1.000,- a year, you can own a website like this without most of the hassle. This includes ~€300,- hosting and €700,- compensation for the service, which includes up to ~25hours maintainance work ( updating and adding prices, photos, SEO, etc ).

If you decide to go with the current demo site I can convert it to suit your business for free with your first year. I already have the site, so that includes replacing text, setting up basic SEO, transferring the site ownership to you, setting up a payment integration, replacing and editing photos. Note that this does not include writing text or providing photos, but just providing a menu card will get you pretty far already.

You get a very predictable result, free setup and a year maintenance for a reasonable price. All in all a pretty low risk investment, which you can decide to (dis)continue yearly based on the results it brings.