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Promotional website for waardwebsites

This website uses a custom-built theme. It has some basic functionalities like a homepage, contact-page and the option of a blog. It also has a more customised page for the portfolio.

Custom portfolio pages

The portfolio pages have been set up so they are easy to edit. The editors of these pages can add some extra information; A link to the website, a preview image for the portfolio-page, an image that goes at the top of the portfolio-page, completion date, client name and client review. You can also write a bit of text, just like in regular wordpress articles.

These items are shown when they’re available on the portfolio-pages. The portfolio projects are automatically sorted by date of completion on the overview page. Finally there is also some pagination going on and links to the contact page have been added.

These custom pages offer a lot of extra possibilies to wordpress websites. Just think of the possibilities; A butcher could add recipes to his website. A real estate agency could add houses. And so forth.

Custom pages offer a lot of extra convenience for maintaining a website. The complexity and time you have to spend adding articles to your website or greatly decreased. It also makes it far less likely that the overall quality of your website decreases when you add something yourself.

Sadly these custom pages are often overlooked as option. They increase the initial costs of your website, but decrease long term costs / effort.